Friday, September 7, 2007

Melissa, Brody & Tate visted in July

For those of you who see Melissa's wonderful blog you know that in July we got to spend a couple weeks together. It was just the BEST having the little boys here to play with--Kansas City is just toooo far away & we made the most of our time--

David tried to teach Tate to play ping pong

I got to read to Brody every night out of my favorite Childcraft books-- He loved it & so did I ; )

One of the few moments they sat still-- so adorable!

Melissa & I ran the Deseret News 10K on the 24th of July-- it was really fun!

We had a cousins get-together while she was here-- Some of my wonderful nieces & nephews are up at BYU so we get-together once a month or so-- Greg Heap, Matt, Shannon & Crew Allen, Carli & Kurt Turley-- fun day!

Mark & Suzie came to visit

Just before July 4th my brother Mark & his beautiful wife Suzie came to visit for several days-- We had so much fun. Here are some pictures from a picnic we took in Big Cottonwood Canyon.

We took pictures and even played some of our families favorie card game Idiots Delight

They came back up the weekend of the first BYU game to bring Suzie's cute son Jeff for school. So we enjoyed going to the game-- Go Matt! #10

The summer that flew by...

Labor day is here and gone! Hard to believe the summer is over. It has been a wonderfully busy one for us. David & I had so much fun spending it in Breckenridge, Colorado.

We both like golf so naturally we took chunks of 2 days playing a couple of courses there. The Breckenridge course was lovely but The Raven in Silverthorne was amazing- said to be the top mountain course in Colorado-- we dodged a storm and got to finish it.

We played tennis a couple of times, hiked, got a massage ; ) did a little window shopping and basically enjoyed the cool 10,000 ft elevation with it's beautiful flowers, trees & mountain air-- so refreshing!

As we drove home I seemed to remember my son Glenn saying he had visited Glennwood Springs and enjoyed it so we stopped by and found that was where Doc Holliday was buried. Up a 1/2 mile hike to the cemetary we found his memorial. Tombstone is one of our favorite shows so it was kind of cool seeing where he was buried.